Folistar Cu

Plants need to develop strong and healthy root systems for adequate foliar growth and to achieve optimum yields during harvest. The application of free L-amino acids increases protein synthesis (essential in the first stages of growth), which directly or indirectly influences the plant's physiological processes. Among many functions, amino acids improve chlorophyll and auxin synthesis, germination, flowering and pollination while also enhancing the quality and ripening of fruits and stoma opening.

Amino acids also act as natural chelating agents for the micronutrients, increasing the nutritional state of the crop.

Free L-amino acids* at 10.50% by mass*
Total nitrogen content at 2.75% by mass*
Iron at 4.5% by mass*
Manganese at 1.0% by mass*
Boron, Molybdenum and Zinc at 0.90% by mass*
*Free L-amino acids are obtained from an enzymatic hydrolysis of vegetable proteins.

Τρόπος Εφαρμογής

Use BIORADICANTE dissolved in irrigation water at transplantation, during vegetative growth and to recover root damages caused by nematodes, fungi or agricultural devices. Useful for hydroponic systems.


BIORADICANTE is highly compatible with most pesticides and fertilizers. For application with plant protection products follow pesticide label directions and make jar test for compatibility.

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